Safety Alerts 2016

HSEWEBSITE.COM has created this database to provide safety-related information in the shortest possible time.

We believe that communicating safety lessons learned from incidents on all our worksites and that of our stakeholders and other companies will contribute towards improving safety standards. You are urged to cascade these safety messages to people throughout your organization.  We hope that the safety messages reach the widest possible audience in a shortest possible time.

To improve safety we would like to communicate safety lessons learned through the internet website with all shareholders. To maximize what we have learned from safety incidences on all our work sites. Each month, HSEWESITE collect all HSE Alerts from diffrent website and place in one place. We welcome your ideas for future Safety Alerts. You can submit safety alerts:

Note: Safety Alerts are now in PDF files. Share the Knowledge ( Alerts ) Lesson Learns.

Safety alerts are for major faults that would result in a serious or fatal injury and where immediate remedial action is required.

Safety alerts are issued when there is a specific safety issue that without immediate action being taken could result in a serious or fatal injury.  When dangerous equipment, processes, procedures or substances are identified during or after an investigation or as the result of a notification from industry, HSE may need to notify users and other stakeholders of the danger. HSE may also need to notify other users of the steps that need to be taken to rectify the fault or protect people against it; a safety alert is one way of achieving this.

During HSE’s normal activities of inspection, investigation and dealing with complaints, we will come across information that needs to be passed on either to a wide audience or to a specific group or sector of industry. HSE will use the most appropriate means to do this and it could be in the form of an information notice or as part of communication via a range of media which will ensure the message is received by those who need to take action.

Serial WebSite Date Title
1 Marine Safety Forum 6th November 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.27 Fuel Spill During in Port Bunkering
2 Marine Safety Forum 31st October 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.26 Fire in Engine Room
3 Marine Safety Forum 26th October 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.25 Injury to Crew Member
4 Marine Safety Forum 12th October 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.24 Unsafe Boarding of Vessels
5 Marine Safety Forum 10th October 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.23 Crewman Fell on External Stairway
6 Marine Safety Forum 4th October 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.20 Pallet Strop Broke and Hit AB
7 Marine Safety Forum 4th October 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.21 Hit by Mud/Clay During Anchor Handling Operations
8 Marine Safety Forum 4th October 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.22 Unsafe Method of Rope Work Resulted in Severe Hand Injury
9 Marine Safety Forum 26th September 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.19 Dropped Objects Awareness
10 Marine Safety Forum 19th September 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.17 Man Fell into Manhole On-Board Supply Vessel
11 Marine Safety Forum 19th September 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.18 CCU Door Unlatched Whilst Being Lifted from PSV to Platform
12 Marine Safety Forum 25th August 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.16 Near Miss During Preparation to Load Anchor Chain
13 Marine Safety Forum 8th August 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.15 Stop the Job, Your Responsibility
14 Marine Safety Forum 23rd June 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.14 Cargo Offloading operations – potential dropped object
15 Marine Safety Forum 20th June 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.13 Cargo Shifted Alongside platform
16 Marine Safety Forum 1st May 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.12 Minor Fuel Spill During Offshore Transfer
17 Marine Safety Forum 25th April 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.02 PSV involved in near miss
18 Marine Safety Forum 25th April 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.09 Cabin Fire
19 Marine Safety Forum 25th April 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.10 Cargo Securing gear hook – potential dropped object
20 Marine Safety Forum 25th April 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.11 Tubular Cargo – loading concerns
21 Marine Safety Forum 1st April 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.06 Microwave Incident
22 Marine Safety Forum 1st April 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.07 Casing Operation at Offshore Facility
23 Marine Safety Forum 1st April 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.08 Dropped Object – Tank Dog
24 Marine Safety Forum 31st March 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.01 Loss of End of Thumb
25 Marine Safety Forum 31st March 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.03 Small ‘Wet Bulk Waste’ Spill to Environment
26 Marine Safety Forum 31st March 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.04 Potential Dropped Object – Inbound Cargo
27 Marine Safety Forum 31st March 2016  msf-safety-alert-16.05 Confined Space Entry & Isolation Procedures
28 Marine Safety Forum 5th March 2016  msf-safety-flash-15.17 Tag Line Incident
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 IADC Alert 15-10  SA-15-10 Fatality on Drill Floor
2 IADC Alert 15-09  SA-15-09 Near Miss – Dropped Six Pound Sledge Hammer
3 IADC Alert 15-08  SA-15-08 Disabled and Non-Functional Safety Devices Leads to Destruction of Derrick Board
4 IADC Alert 15-07  SA-15-07 Poor Situation Awareness / Line of Fire Incident Results in OSHA Recordable
5 IADC Alert 15-06  SA-15-06 Caught Between Winch Truck and Half Pit
6 IADC Alert 15-05  SA-15-05 RWC – Smashed Finger on Tongs
7 IADC Alert 15-04  SA-15-04 Finger Injury Leads to LTI
8 IADC Alert 15-03  SA-15-03 Lifeboat Unintentionally Released Results in Two Fatalities
9 IADC Alert 15-02  SA-15-02 Employee’s Finger Amputated
10 IADC Alert 15-01  SA-15-01 Unintentional Unlatching of an Air Operated Elevator
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 NOPSEMA 19/12/2016  63 – Quality assurance of diving system audits
2 NOPSEMA 27/6/2016  62 – Vessel loss of position while diving in close proximity to a hydrocarbon facility
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 Work Safe 23-Dec-16  safe use of flammable refrigerants
2 Work Safe 8-Dec-16  Collapse of floating roof in storage tank
3 Work Safe 8-Dec-16  Equipment on concrete agitator trucks
4 Work Safe 3-Aug-16  Overturning of pick and carry cranes
5 Work Safe 26-Jul-16  Ceiling hoists and track systems
6 Work Safe 14-Jul-16  Hyperbaric Chambers
7 Work Safe 28-Jun-16  Refueling Portable Equipment
8 Work Safe 2-Jun-16  Operating mine trucks
9 Work Safe 26-May-16  Escalator and travelator void in-fills
10 Work Safe 24-May-16  Working outdoors
11 Work Safe 24-May-16  Pressure testing of pipes
12 Work Safe 23-May-16  Working near slopes in quarries
13 Work Safe 2-Feb-16  Working with submersible pumps on farms
14 Work Safe 28-Jan-16  Maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 NT Work Safe 21/12/2016  Commercial transport of recalled Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones
2 NT Work Safe 4/10/2016  Maintenance and risk management of large trees and palms
3 NT Work Safe 21/06/2016  Flood damage – Alice Springs
4 NT Work Safe 15/02/2016  Support of mobile plant on outriggers
5 NT Work Safe 7/1/2016  Use of saw blades on angle grinders
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 BSEE 2/29/2016  Chemical Injection Point Corrosion Causes Production Header Failure
2 BSEE 2/2/2016  Connector and Bolt Failures
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 NSW 9-Dec-16  SA16-09-Non-compliant-stone-dust-supplied-to-underground-mine
2 NSW 1-Dec-16  SA16-08-Workers-exposed-to-elevated-levels-of-methane
3 NSW 1-Dec-16  SA16-07-Operator-suffers-broken-arm-while-operating-high-pressure-hose
4 NSW 18-Nov-16  sa16-06-sudden-failure-of-feed-hopper
5 NSW 21-Sep-16  Firefighting-component-issues-identified
6 NSW 20-Sep-16  SA16-04-Opal-miner-injured
7 NSW 20-Sep-16  Rock-falls-on-loader-operator
8 NSW 29-Apr-16  SA16-02-Defects-found-in-self-rescuers
9 NSW 19-Feb-16  Driver-loses-control-of-light-vehicle
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 ENFORM 20-Dec-16  Safety Alert-17 2016 Spent Scavenger Tank Explosion
2 ENFORM 9-Sep-16  Safety Alert-16 2016 Trucker Overexertion
3 ENFORM 29-Aug-16  Safety Alert-15 2016 Hoist Line Failure
4 ENFORM 16-Aug-16  Safety Alert-14 2016 Wellhead Boom Truck Training
5 ENFORM 8-Aug-16  Safety Alert-13 2016 Excavator Counterweight Strikes Worker
6 ENFORM 26-Jul-16  Safety Alert-12 2016 Tank Truck Flash Fire
7 ENFORM 18-Jul-16  Safety Alert-11 2016 Chlorinated Solvent Use
8 ENFORM 12-Jul-16  Safety Alert-10 2016 Airbag Deployment Obstruction
9 ENFORM 27-Jun-16  Safety Alert-09 2016 Flare Stack Fires
10 ENFORM 13-Jun-16  Safety Alert-08 2016 Fuel Gas Regulator Fire Hazard
11 ENFORM 26-Apr-16  Safety Alert-07 2016 Sideboom Strikes Pickup Truck
12 ENFORM 7-Mar-16  Safety Alert-06 2016 H2S Close Call
13 ENFORM 26-Feb-16  Safety Alert-05 2016 Sideboom Stick Collapse
14 ENFORM 9-Feb-16  Safety Alert-04 2016 Tank Implosion
15 ENFORM 29-Jan-16  Safety Alert-03 2016 Vacuum Truck Explosion
16 ENFORM 18-Jan-16  Safety Alert-02 2016 Excavator Boom Strikes Worker
17 ENFORM 7-Jan-16  Safety Alert-01 2016 Refridge Flash Fire
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 APPEA November  High-Potential-Incident-Alert-191-Pipework-falls-to-cellar-deck
2 APPEA November  High-Potential-Incident-Alert-190-Corroded-Walkway-Grating
3 APPEA March  High-Potential-Incident-Alert-189-Incorrect-use-of-lifting-gear-ICU
4 APPEA September  High-Potential-Incident-Alert-188-Activation-of-main-IG-PV-Breaker
5 APPEA July  High-Potential-Incident-Alert-187-FPSO-oil-tank
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 HSHUB 19.12.2016  Bulletin-230-Penstock-incident
2 HSHUB 19.12.2016  Lessons-Learned-Lifting-D-Wall-Cage
3 HSHUB 19.12.2016  Excavator-Mesh-Cover
4 HSHUB 19.12.2016  Concrete-Skip-Discharge-Sleeve-Failure
5 HSHUB 13.12.2016  Excavation-Fatality
6 HSHUB 13.12.2016  Thumb-Injury
7 HSHUB 13.12.2016  Near-Serious-Excavator-Incident
8 HSHUB 02.12.2016  Calibration-of-Drager-portable-gas-detectors
9 HSHUB 25.11.2016  MEWP-Safety-Alert
10 HSHUB 07.09.2016  Manual Handling Safety Alert
11 HSHUB 30.08.2016  Alert-High-voltage-cable-strike
12 HSHUB 25.08.2016  Safety-Alert-252-Pump-handle-failure-Flygt-3102
13 HSHUB 22.08.2016  Near-Miss-Power-Road-UT
14 HSHUB 17.08.2016  Health, Safety & Env Alerts – July 2016
15 HSHUB 12.08.2016  Safety-Alert-Chequer-Plate-Grid-GRP-Flooring
16 HSHUB 10.08.2016  Safety-Alert-Drains
17 HSHUB 10.08.2016  Lifting-Shackles-Safety-Alert
18 HSHUB 10.08.2016  Removal-of-steel-road-pins
19 HSHUB 09.08.2016  SHE-Lessons-Learned-Protection-of-Above-Ground-Services
20 HSHUB 08.08.2016  SHE-Lessons-Learned-Cholsey-Rotary-Rig-Over-Turned
21 HSHUB 05.08.2016  Lessons-Learned-Unsafe-Cable-Cutting
22 HSHUB 03.08.2016  UPS-incident
23 HSHUB 03.08.2016  Chlorine gas discharge
24 HSHUB 20.07.2016  01-16-HS-Bulletin-Release-of-Stored-Energy
25 HSHUB 18.07.2016  Alert-High-voltage-cable-strike
26 HSHUB 18.07.2016  IA-Alert-006-Unsafe-Working-with-and-Excavator-11-07
27 HSHUB 18.07.2016  Safety-Alert-64-Driver-Fatigue
28 HSHUB 24.06.2016  HS-Briefing-Note-0065-Safe-working-in-floods
29 HSHUB 24.06.2016  HS-Briefing-Note-0064-Use-of-arc-resistant-ppe
30 HSHUB 16.06.2016  Safety-Alert-Emergency-Stops
31 HSHUB 16.06.2016  Standown-Warren-street-14th-June-2016
32 HSHUB 14.06.2016  Alert-Warren-Street-14-June-2016
33 HSHUB 02.06.2016  HS-Briefing-Note-0063-Fasting
34 HSHUB 06.05.2016  HSAlert004-Coley-Hill-LV-strike-221015-Learning-bullitin
35 HSHUB 06.05.2016  HSAlert003-Learning-bulletin-HV-ludgate-Hill
36 HSHUB 06.05.2016  HSAlert002-Abbotswood-LV-strike-131015-rev
37 HSHUB 06.05.2016  HSAlert001-Pipe-Clamp-Injury
38 HSHUB 05.05.2016  Circ005-Flood-Risk-Management
39 HSHUB 05.05.2016  126-Electrical-Safety-28-04-16
Serial WebSite Date Title
1 CROSSRAIL 2016-12  health_and_safety_alert-161215-tracked_dumper_incident_
2 CROSSRAIL 2016-11  health_and_safety_bulletin-161101-non_crossrail-london_underground-high_winds
3 CROSSRAIL 2016-09  health_and_safety_alert-160902-structural_handrail_failure_incident
4 CROSSRAIL 2016-11  health_and_safety_bulletin-161103-non_crossrail-youngman_boss_x2_x3_and_x3x_scissors_lifts
5 CROSSRAIL 2016-02  health_and_safety_alert-160203-construction_industry_card_fraud_update
6 CROSSRAIL 2016-02  health_and_safety_alert-160204-drug_and_alcohol_testing-for_cause
7 CROSSRAIL 2016-02  health_and_safety_alert-160219-sherpa-scopic_steps
8 CROSSRAIL 2016-03  health_and_safety_alert-160314-call_to_arms
9 CROSSRAIL 2016-03  health_and_safety_alert-160324-criminal_damage
10 CROSSRAIL 2016-03  health_and_safety_alert-160321-multi-jet_pump_fire
11 CROSSRAIL 2016-03  health_and_safety_alert-160304-non-crossrail-dismantling_of_sherpa-scopic_steps
12 CROSSRAIL 2016-03  health_and_safety_alert-160310-non-crossrail-grade_10.9_bolts
13 CROSSRAIL 2016-03  health_and_safety_alert-160303-overturned_plant
14 CROSSRAIL 2016-04  health_and_safety_alert-160422-call_to_arms-hand_tools
15 CROSSRAIL 2016-04  health_and_safety_alert-160412-mewp_thorough_examinations
16 CROSSRAIL 2016-05  health_and_safety_alert-160525-piling_rig_failure
17 CROSSRAIL 2016-06  health_and_safety_alert-160606-driving_under_the_influence_of_drugs
18 CROSSRAIL 2016-07  health_and_safety_alert-160712-operational_railway_interface
19 CROSSRAIL 2016-07  health_and_safety_alert-160707-underslung_loads
20 CROSSRAIL 2016-08  health_and_safety_alert_160826_non_crossrail-lu_withdrawn_from_use_3m_adflo_powered_air_turbo-1-1
21 CROSSRAIL 2016-10  health_and_safety_alert-160929-pressure_wash_accident_incident
22 CROSSRAIL 2016-12  quality_alert_161208-non-compliant_high_strength_friction_grip_bolts
23 CROSSRAIL 2016-12  health_and_safety_alert-161209-safety_tips_for_the_holiday_period